Now that I had quit my job, sold my apartment, and detoxed myself from clutter, it was time to start my business. "I'm ready, let’s do this!" I told myself. (Insert short pause here, followed up with loud cricket noises) People always talk about having “ah-ha!” moments, but what about “ah-shit!” moments? Nobody ever talks about those. Well, here it goes.

Until this point, my business had been this heroic idea that I obsessively fantasized about. Now that it was time to actually follow through with this idea, I drew a blank on where to begin. So, I started where any smart entrepreneur would start – by Googling it. I researched everything from business plans, to forming an LLC, to applying for a business license, to obtaining a reseller permit, and the list goes on. Slowly I was laying the foundation of NOVAA, and it wasn’t nearly as hard as I had convinced myself it would be.

This was one of the most important lessons I learned: big projects or life changes can be very intimidating if you let them be. If you tell yourself that something is too hard, or too impossible, that’s exactly what it will be. But if you remove those mental constraints, you will find that every project or change starts with one simple step.

That step can be big or small (like googling how to start a business) and it can be taken in any direction; all that matters is that you’re moving towards your goal. Pretty soon you will be on to the next step and after a while you will have traveled farther than you could have ever imagined. Finally, the romantic idea that was once a fantasy is now a reality, simply because you started somewhere.

Keep following this blog series to learn about all of the wild and crazy steps we took to make our NOVAA dream a reality.

August 10, 2016 by Becky Jackson



ARTrageousKC said:

I’m inspired by you just jumping in with both feet into the unknown. I think “Googling” things like this could be SO overwhelming. I’m starting on a new adventuring right now and I’m sometimes feeling that “ah-shit” moment too. With your inspiration, I’ll keep persevering!


Kelly said:

ah shit moments are real.



Our beautiful, talented, bright, entrepreneurial girl and sweet grand daughter. Your success blossoms naturally from your loving, giving, positive , artistic personality. The “Ah shit” moments spark a rebound recovery to even more beautiful heights


Sean said:


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