Chapter 2: It's What You Do, Not What You Wear


I was desperate for a break. The city and my store management job were slowly sucking my soul right out of my body. So, my best friend and I found the furthest place we could think of to abscond to, Nicaragua. I spent at least two weeks packing for this 10-day Central American excursion. Upon arrival, sheer panic set over me, as I discovered that my bag had been lost in transit. What was I going to do without my clothes? (Now, I realize how ridiculous this sounds. They are just clothes, Bridget, you will survive for three days without them). But to me, they weren’t just clothes. They were my identity.

As I waited to retrieve my identity, I mean bag, my friend and I decided to go on a catamaran ride that would take us up and down the coast of Nicaragua. We were accompanied by an assortment of backpackers, beach bums, and locals. One of these locals had started a foundation that had a mission to empower women in the local community. Cool, right? I asked him what inspired him to do this. His response was, “It’s something I’m passionate about, so I just did it.” I was blown away by how simple and obvious it was; he didn’t over-think it, he just went for it.

As the sun set over the Pacific Ocean and the catamaran made its way back to land, I found myself sipping on something delicious, observing the two paths that lay ahead of me:

The first path was the one I was on. A path where I rooted my identity in material things (like a suitcase of clothing sitting on an American Airlines plane somewhere between Nicaragua and Chicago); where I worked at a job that was comfortable but lacked passion and inspiration.

Or, I could take the path that had existed in my dreams since I was sixteen. The one where my identity had nothing to do with what I wear and everything to do with what I do. The path where I start a retail brand that would raise the standards of the fashion industry. Yes, this is the path I would choose because this is what I’m passionate about. I won’t over-think it, I will just do it!

In the succeeding months I quit my job, moved out of my one-bedroom, and bootstrapped a business. Follow NOVAA’s story as this blog series continues.

In the mean time, choose the path that exists in your dreams in these NOVAA looks, inspired by todays blog post:

June 23, 2016 by Bridget Flanagan


Bridget Weinstein

Bridget Weinstein said:

Love the story! Love the Success! I love the concept. I would like to see real people that you are helping wearing your clothes instead of models. Woman of all shapes and sizes!


ARTrageousKC said:

It all sounds SO exciting! What a brave move!!

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