It’s quite intimidating to blog about another blogger, but if I told that to Melanie Knopke, I know she would counter with words of support and wisdom. Her lifestyle blog, Style Scout, has been drawing a dedicated following for ten years, and is particularly targeted towards supporting moms. “I feel like sometimes we get lost in this world of our children and taking care of everything before ourselves,” the mother of two says. I get that.


But how does one become a Melanie Knopke? With 13,500 followers and more than local fame, Melanie explains her process. “I see so many people who just want to be a blogger as a job. Don’t go into it with that intention. Do it because it’s something you're passionate about. There are nights when I literally can’t sleep because I have a blogroll in my head. I’m constantly writing in my mind.” 

But most importantly, she explains, “Try not to be influenced by others; stick with what you love and share that.” The key to her success is that she is genuine. Melanie doesn’t just take any gig that pays; she’s following her own original content and ideas. This is something that’s hard to do in any field, with the pressure to succeed looming large in most of our lives. She focuses on her message, with crisp and clean writing and addicting photographs. 

“My kids are my inspiration,” Melanie says. She tries to set a good example for them by doing creative things that fuel her heart and mind, “which hopefully inspires my kids to chase their own dreams – not the things they feel they have to do. The door is wide open and hopefully they will always chase those dreams.”


“Being outgoing and connecting with the community has been the biggest thing for me – I love to support local brands,” Melanie says, and NOVAA feels pretty good about that. Melanie actively reaches out to brands just as they reach out to her.
When Melanie noticed that many local businesses didn’t know how to get in touch with local trendsetters, she decided to help. By creating the monthly gathering, “Ladies Social Hour,” Melanie brings together these businesses with influencers tailored to their customer base. “It has become a fun way to get like-minded women together, and to support and promote the small business owners in KC,” Melanie explains.

But she isn’t supporting just brands. Melanie loves being able to touch the lives of people all over the country and then some. She reflects about how grateful she is that people, especially people she’s never met, reach out to her on social media, and that she has the ability to help them feel more comfortable in their shoes (maybe even new ones!).

As I look at her fabulous NOVAA Floral Jumpsuit in teal and her signature Barton Perreira’s, I can see that her method is working. It takes a keen sense of fashion and a free heart to put together a blog which encourages mothers – and all women – to be good to themselves.
We all feel good when we do that little extra thing for ourselves. For me it’s ordering a soy chai latte or indulging in a mani-pedi. “Do it!” I hear Melanie in my ear. “It’s ok to take care of yourself, it will only benefit the people around you.” She spreads the message of self-care by taking small snippets of her life to share on her blog. 


When Melanie wrote about her struggle to steer clear of self-defeating comparisons in her fitness journey, I completely fell in line. “Instead of comparing myself to others, I now find myself working towards being stronger and better at what I DO,” she writes in one blog entry. I think that applies to mostly everything!
Our conversation expanded into perceptions of image. “Some people hate getting dressed,” Melanie says after having worked as a stylist. “It affects how you feel and your confidence.” Melanie wants all women to find a few pieces that are truly their own style. “After a clothing makeover, I see women standing up taller and putting their shoulders back. It totally changes the way they feel.”
Since the inception of NOVAA, this is something I have heard NOVAA Co-Founder, Bridget Moran saying constantly! Being attune to fashion, how a piece fits you, and where it comes from can make an impact not only on your own self-esteem, but also on the lives of the workers who assemble them. And NOVAA loves making it possible to have both.



“It has really made a difference with my skin!” Offering skin care, make up, lipstick, etc, this brand brings compliments from friends and strangers.


Melanie says, admitting she has three pairs in her car. This eyewear company has Kansas City roots. You can find one of just a few boutiques across the country, right here on the Plaza in KC. Melanie endorses them highly: “They’re high quality and I love them!”


Lazy mornings, sleeping in, and not having to rush out the door. Hanging with family in a relaxed way helps Melanie recharge.


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